Skylar + Blake

Skylar + Blake…. OH! HOW! I! LOVE! THESE! TWO!
Getting those finishing touches up on her make-up. Girl, you are gorgeous.
amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris1I loved taking your detail shots. Thank you to Jody {Blake’s brother} for letting me move his ENTIRE HOUSE DECOR around.amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris2 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris3 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris3bThese girls are all so beautiful!!!!! They made my job easy-peasy. Thanks hotties! The two on each side of Skylar are her sisters.amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris4And let me tell you about Skylar’s Mother. This lady is so sweet, kind and beautiful! I love her! She helped her into her dress and her pearls.amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris5 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris6 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris7Then we started some portraits. I am going to go ahead and add this part. We stayed on time… ALL DAY LONG! Between Skylar’s OCD and mine… ummm it went as planned nad it was awesome.amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris8 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris9 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris9b amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris10Guys were up next. I had to go to a different location for these. And these guys were awesome. I never heard a single complaint. Thanks gentleman! Whoever said “man she is good at this and funny” I like you. I just don’t know who you were, but I like you haha.amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris11 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris12 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris13Ceremony time… at 5:00pm on the DOT! amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris14 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris14bMARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris15Now it’s time for some Mr. + Mrs. Dorris photos. amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris16 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris17 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris18That sky… was on point y’all! It’s the real sky, I didn’t add it in cause I don’t have time for all that stuff.
FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19aUmmmm… Let’s be real. I love your photos. I do. You guys are cuuuuuute!!!!!!!amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19b amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19c amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19dBlake used these fancy letters to ask her to marry him FROM A PLANE!!!!!! Yea, he is sweet! amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19e amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19fWe finished up the portraits right here at this gorgeous truck. amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19g amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19hIT’S PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their first dance was super sweet! amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19i amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris19j amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris20 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris21This garter removal dance… yeah I said DANCE… was the most entertaining garter removal I have ever witnessed. I mean for real. Blake broke it dooooown!amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris22 amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris23After that good laugh, the speeches were made. Man they were good too. Dad’s speech made my eyes water. I love a good toast!amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris24And then they opened up the dance floor. I broke it down like a boss, just so you all know whoop whoop. However this is MY blog and I am not posting those hahah! Blake’s mom and Michelle did such a great job on the venue and details and I just love them!!!!!!amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris25The ended their night with a sparkler exit, an amazing firework show… annnnd happily ever after!amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris26amandaevansimages_weddingphotographer_dorris27

“You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry someone you can’t live without.” ~Unknown

Greenbrier, Tennessee | 10.01.2016

wedding coordinators  |  Kathy Wiggins and Michelle Jansen {Romance and Rust}
ceremony  |  Greenbrier United Methodist Church 
reception  |  The Brier Barn Greenbrier, Tennessee
hair  |  Tiffany Boyd
makeup  |  Ashley Evelyn Comko 
florist  |  Sherry’s Florist Springfield, TN
videographer  |  Heather Minor
dj/band/entertainment  |  Tim Palmore
cake  |  Faboo Cakes Hendersonville, TN {the entire cake had wedding cake frosting with four different layers of flavors: lemon, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla}
catering  |  Kathy Rood
wedding dress  |  Essence of Australia Glitz Nashville
bridesmaid dresses  |  Essence of Australia Glitz Nashville
tuxedo  |  Joseph A Banks Hendersonville, TN

their jams
wedding party introduction  |  Celebration
first dance  |  Then {Brad Paisley}
father + daughter  |  Daddy Dance with Me {Krystal Keith}
mother + son  |  My Wish {Rascal Flatts}

bride + groom
what was the most exciting part of your day?
Since we didn’t see each other before it was probably finally seeing
each other and getting married!

why did you choose this day for your wedding:
So we wouldn’t forget it! 10-01-16!

what is the funniest/most memorable thing that happened on your big day?Funniest: Blake’s garter dance… Dear lord!      {I’m chiming in here on this… that was GOOOOOOOOD stuff, by far, hands down the BEST garter action EVER!!!!!!!!!}Memorable: Realizing how surrounded by love we were! 

where did you go on your honeymoon? Antigua sandals resort

the one word that describes your honeymoon the best: Loving

Much love + hugs friends,

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