MEET SHELBY!!!!!¬†She is one gorgeous young lady ūüôāamandaevans-images_senior-photographer_shelby amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby2It was not hard to get an amazing photo of her.¬†Annnnnnnd she brought her beautiful¬†fur baby. I mean aren’t they perfect!!!!!!amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby1Shelby’s relaxed look with jeans, a pretty white top, and those boots¬†were the perfect combination to show off her¬†fun style.amandaevans-images_senior-photographer_shelby3 amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby5Shelby, you have the prettiest skin!!!!! #winningamanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby4Once we were done with this location, Shelby added a bomber jacket to this out fit and¬†it was even moooooore¬†fabulous!amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby6 amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby7 amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby8Let’s not forget the pooch!!!amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby9Annnnnd then this happened… THOSE EYES!!!!!! ARRRE!!!!! THEEEEE!!!!!! REAAAAL!!!! DEAAAAAL!!!!!amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby11 amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby10Favorite. (I think. Geez you made picking a favorite really hard)amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby12Location and outfit change! I love how cute you are!amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby13We decided to¬†bend a few rules and use this¬†little barn (it had a sign posted that said no trespassing on the gate behind it¬†but “technically” we didn’t pass the gate… fair game right? We did not get shot but someone was firing a gun somewhere near us and I almost jumped out of my skin when they started shooting!) amanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby14Shelby, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your senior year! You are going to do amazing things. PS. Your birthday is one the same day as my honey’s so I can’t forget it ūüôāamanda-evans-images_senior-photographer_shelby15

‚ÄúI hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.‚Ä̬†~ Anonymous

Shelby Elizabeth Rae

nickname: ElizaRae + Butter Bean |  hometown: Portland, Tennessee  |  birthday: January 26 |  horoscope: Aquarius

favorite food: mashed potatoes  |  best friend: Shelby Case is one of my best friends. We’ve been friends for two years.

high school: Portland High School |  after school activities: DECA and also works at Tommy’s Garden Center  |  career goals: plans on going to Vol State to get a degree as a Radiologic Technician

the one word that she feels describes her: different

mom + dad describes her as: artistic + unique + independent + crazy + beautiful
what makes mom + dad¬†most proud? “We are proud of all she is but most importantly of the Christian life she leads.”
mom + dad would like to share this story? “When she was in kindergarten we went to Disney World for the first time. She was so excited to see her favorite characters. She would wait in line after line to get their signatures. The end of the night came and the parade began. She was sad because she never once saw Snow White. Part way through the parade Snow White was walking by and saw the excitement in her face. She came up to Shelby and kissed her on the hand. The kiss left lipstick prints. And little Shelby was thrilled. She wanted to put it into her autograph book but by the time we got back to our room she was asleep and the lipstick had rubbed off. I put lipstick on and kissed her book and told her we got it from her hand. She didn’t know any better until last year when we were telling the story to friends and she’s was like what… I thought it was real.”

Much love + hugs friends,

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