I was so excited when I met with Savannah – she is a stunner – a classic beauty. Let me tell you about this girl… she is so much like me and I love it. For real. She is feisty, sassy + flat out amazing (just like meeeeeeee 😉).Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer SavannahWe shot her session in some spots I haven’t used in a loooooong time…. and some places I have never ever used at all. I’m glad we did. She is a rockstar. All smiles one minute + then BOOM serious just like that! Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah1Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah2 Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah3Savvy, (that’s my personal nickname for her… she earned it) thank you for putting up with my dumb comments like “flossin” + “bangin” and everything else that made no sense. My daughter would have been so embarrassed if she was there, but not you… you just rolled with all of my TERRIBLE TERRIBLE JOKES. Thank you for that ;).Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah4FAVORITE #1 Giiiiiiirl you are FIERCE! Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah5I say dumb stuff and we get photos like these… that’s a real laugh… Y’all know I am funnnnnnny.Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah6Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah8This girl loves her grandma… she requested a photo of her special necklace. I think I delivered. Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah7 Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah9Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah10FAVORITE #2 + 3. Don’t judge I can have as many as I’d like. Let’s discuss those GORGEOUS BABY BLUES…. Whoaaaa. Amazing right? RIGHT!Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah11 Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah12Savannah plays softball, a girl after my own heart. How I love me some softball. Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah13Savvy, you are my kind of girl, sweet, friendly, down to earth, and not afraid to get dirty. Thank you so much for choosing me as your senior photographer. I am so happy I met you!!!!!!Amanda Evans Images Senior Photographer Savannah14

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Savannah Leigh

nickname: Sav |  hometown: Bethpage, Tennessee  |  birthday: May 18 horoscope: Taurus

favorite food: hibachi chicken (Koi)  best friend: Haley Stradtner

high school: Westmoreland High School  after school activities: WHS softball {shortstop #11}  career goals: medical field {still up in the air about the specific area} 

the one word that she feels describes her: bodacious {I am personally digging that word choice, sister}

mom + dad describes her as: energetic, silly, polite, loving + caring
what makes mom + dad most proud? “Her willingness to help people… her big caring heart.”
mom + dad would like to share this story? “One night after work, (it was about 10pm) Savannah stopped to get gas before she came home. While she was pumping gas she heard a loud “boom”, she looked over and a lady was putting air in her tire and overfilled it so the tire popped. Savannah walked over & the lady was very upset, she had a car full of small children & didn’t know how to change a tire so Savannah, the helper that she is, changed that lady’s tire so she could get the kids home. She was barely 16 years old… you aren’t going to find many kids that age willing to do hard work like that for a stranger! This is just ONE example of hoe she always likes to jump in and help whenever she can.”

Much love + hugs friends,

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