It has been a hot minute since I have blogged (sad face) please forgive me!!! ON THE UPSIDE… this session was totally worth the wait! I finally made time to sit down and do it. I am so excited to show off one of my 2017 Senior ladies to y’all. SHE IS GORGEOUS annnnnnnnnnnd FUUUUUUUUUN!!!! Meet Harley:Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos2That shirt is fabulous, but we have already discussed this 🙂Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos3HELLO HOT TAMALE!!!!!!!!!! FIRE(as my daughter would say)!!!Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos4Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos7Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos6FAVORITE!!!!!!!!Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos8 Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos9Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos5Harley, I loved this outfit and these colors on you. Can you tell…?Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos10 Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos11I also want you to know that my daughter sat with me while I worked on your photos, helped me go through them and pick the best of the best (annnnnnd there were a LOT of photos haha). These were some of her favorites! She always picked your laughing ones (I did too, but I thought it was cute how she picked the same ones as I did). You really have a BEAUTIFUL laugh!!!!!Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos12 Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos13 Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos14So about this hat… she didn’t plan on wearing it. I made her. Kinda for real… “PUT IT ON! DO IT FOR MEEEEEEE! DO ITTTTT”Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos16BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Aren’t you glad you did, sister? LOVE IT! You are so cuuuute!Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos17 Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos18Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos15I am going to leave y’all with this gem. Congratulations on your senior year, Harley. It was a blast hanging out with you (I’ll never forget how HOT it was). You are a beautiful girl inside and out and I know you are going to do great things!
Amanda Evans Images Senior Photos19

“There is a good reason they call these ceremonies “commencement exercises.” Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.” `Orrin Hatch

Harley Nicole
nickname: Harley Cole  |  hometown: Lafayette, Tennessee  |  birthday: January 14  horoscope: Capricorn

favorite food: mashed potatoes  best friends: “Dale Turner: We have been friends since I was 11 years old but he truly became my BEST friend a little over two years ago when he became my boyfriend. Haleigh Herron is my other best friend we have been friends since the very first day of 7th grade. These two people are my rock as I go through some of the hardest moments of my life!”
high school: Macon County High School  |  after school activities: yearbook, service learning + softball #33  career goals: “I plan to attend college after high school but I have not yet figured out what I want to do. I just want to find something I will love doing! My main career goal is no matter what I decide to do I want to make others feel special and help them with their worries/problems.”  (PS, I LOVE THIS)

the one word that she feels describes her: caring

mom + dad describes her as: fun, outgoing, loyal, forgetful (lol) + gorgeous
what makes mom + dad most proud? “We are most proud of Harley for always helping and thinking of others. She is kind, selfless, and loving. She is strong in her faith and a loyal member of Enon Missionary Baptist church. We are confident she will continue to be the amazing person we love.”
mom + dad would like to share this story? “The most amazing and heartfelt day was October 15, 2008 when Harley knelt and prayed and got soul salvation. She’s received the most precious gift she’ll ever get. We are so proud of you Harley Nicole.”

Much love + hugs friends,

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