Genuine Emotion

Photography season is about to start up in full force… if this rain will ever quit. I’ve been looking at my calendar and trying to preplan what I would like to get out of each session. I have been thinking a lot about posing and what I can do to improve this year… like what workbook should I buy? What workshop should I attend? What online resources can I find to help me out? Then I realized, while I’m a fan of dramatic editorial style poses, I love capturing the in-between candids that show genuine emotion more than anything!!! I keep seeing this guide that is supposed to help you bring real emotion to your session in my Faceboook news feed and I have been debating on buying them for weeks. The more I thought about it, I realized that I do that on my shoots already. Of course I am sure their guide is amazing, but I have a few tricks and actions that I use that work for me. Making authentic moments happen can be one of the hardest parts of being a lifestyle photographer. It is one of my biggest obstacles… capturing authentic expressions and interaction while still making y’all look goooooood. That is probably why half of our session I look completely ridiculous and say some of the dumbest stuff… I don’t mind looking like a crazy person, if in return, we get photos of genuine emotion.I always start by explaining what you should expect during our time together. When we meet on session day, we’ve already communicated beforehand, so we’re not complete strangers. Still, I’m aware that as beautiful as you are, you are probably not a super model or actor. You are regular people who are not used to being in from of the camera, let alone the stars of an hour long photo session. So yea, it can be a little strange at first. Instead of ignoring that truth, I let you know that we’re going to need some “warm up” time and that the photos always get better as we go. AND! THEY! ALWAYS! DO! (PS. That’s why I tell you to save your favorite outfit for last y’all!)I know that many photographers have mastered posing with incredible skill, I have several close friends who kick ass at posing!!!!! But for me, I feel like my style leans more toward the idea that when people look at their images later in life, I want them to see true personality and real emotion. I want them to remember how they felt the day of their shoot, what their spouse told them the very moment of that image that made them laugh or smile, oh and of course how much fun they had hanging out with me!!!!!!! Duh. 😉Giving my clients a prompt is a fun and easy way of creating organic movement and getting my couples acting and feeling natural. There needs to be some direction and posing of course… I potentially set-up the moment and then step back and give you a prompt and watch it unfold. The prompts may seem a bit silly at first, but they are a great way to get everyone to relax! Giving you something to do helps you forget the camera is even there. I just add a few prompts in throughout the shoot to keep things entertaining. Just so you know, sometimes mine aren’t always appropriate… but we have fun:). For all my photographer friends out there I wanted to let you know one of the best things I learned at the BLINK conference I attended last year was to shoot through the moment. Keep shooting even when you think you got the shot!!!! I am trying really hard to remember to do this at every session.Here are a few examples I use:
*Pretend you are in a photo booth (I’ll countdown 3, 2, 1 GO!… again… 3, 2, 1 GO!)
*In your sexiest voice, whisper the name of your favorite Mexican dish into your honey’s ear.
They don’t always have to be funny  it works for romance also:
*With your faces as close as possible, try to express just how much you love each other using only your eyes.
*Hold each other close and breathe each other in.
Sooooo if you have any special prompts or actions I would love to hear about them or whatever it is that makes your sessions so amazing. Please share them in the comments section or on my facebook page.

I’ve learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.” -Unknown

Much love + hugs friends,

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